Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UPDATE: Big Bang’s Daesung was involved in a car accident!!!!

UPDATE : On the 31st at 1:40 AM, Daesung hit the back of the taxi in front of him while driving. It has been revealed that fortunately, the taxi driver has had no major damage done to him.

If we go by YG Entertainment's side of the story, Daesung was driving down the first lane, and the taxi in front of him suddenly drove over to the second lane and then quickly reversed back into the first lane, causing Daesung to collide.

As soon as Daesung got out of the car accident, he asked the taxi driver if "he was okay," and the taxi driver said, "I'm not the problem right now. On the first lane, there's a passed-out motorcycle driver who is bleeding, so I tried to escape the situation and then tried to stop to examine it."

After that, Daesung and the taxi driver and currently at the Seoul Police Station being investigated starting from 4:50am.

The police are currently investigating whether Daesung actually hit the motorcycle driver. According to the police, it has not been identiifed whether the driver is dead.

Source: Star + Facett @ omona + Bigbangupdates

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