Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UPDATE: Big Bang’s Daesung was involved in a car accident!!!!

YG talks about Daesung’s reaction:

대성 소속사인 YG엔터테인먼트(이하 YG) 관계자는 31일 새벽 스타뉴스에 “대성은 피하기 힘들었던 상황의 교통사고에 큰 슬픔과 충격에 빠져 있다”라며 “선행 사고자 분에 대한 걱정에 울음을 터뜨렸다”라고 밝혔다.”
YG Ent. said, “It was a difficult situation for Daesung to avoid the car accident. He is in great grief and shock. He burst into tears.”
Translated: Sammi@ibigbang

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