Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kawaii / Cute and funny GIF (KPOP)

Seperti yang info yang ada kt 'About me', aku ni memang minat KPOP, JPOP and benda-benda cumel.. Ini adalah antara Cute KPOP GIF image/pic  yang dibuat fans.Actually ada banyak lg.Nampaknya Fans2 ini memang kreatif2.. :)

Cute yoona

i  missing you :)

i really love this gif. VIP shows their support for daesung!!! #wesupportdaesung in twitter

~ LOL~eunhyuk
 Daesung~~ Cute

it look like the same person right? Heechul and Taemin



p/s:credit to fans, who make this gif.

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  1. wow! gif yg sgt comel is when gd put seungri's head to his shoulder~ great leader everr!! harap next time there will be a lot of info bout kpop n add more cute n funny gif.. i like your blog ^^ do follow me!